Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA Targets Civilians Directly

They didn't support the fake revolution imposed and sponsored by the historical enemies of Syria, namely USA, UK, France which itself occupied Syria for 25 years, and of course their stooges in the region including Turkey whom ancestors occupied Syria for 4 centuries imposing poverty and ignorance on the people, and because of they are not happy with such 'democratization' of them by their enemies, they're punished in all ways possible.

Assassinations, car bombs, suicide bombers, slitting throats, beheading, raping, kidnapping.. you think of it, they did it. Syrians consider them mercenaries, western media portrait them as 'freedom fighters' and they name them: the Free Syrian Army.

To justify their crimes the mainstream media in the west calls the victims: Shabeeha (an outlaw group used to carry out criminal acts near Lebanese borders before president Assad dismantled them years ago), and supporters of Assad, therefore it's Okay to kill them..! Or they are from the Syrian Army or Syrian security forces, whom are defending their country against Al Qaeda fighters but that doesn't help the narrative sold to the Sheeple in the west therefore they're called Assad Forces.

Watch for yourselves and judge: 

Random shelling at residential neighborhoods in Aleppo but they claim they were targeting the Air Force Intelligence Building, so the western media cheered their act while you can see clearly that the artillery shells are falling randomly on residential buildings, if you pay closer attention you can hear them saying it fell 100 meters to the west of the building fence:

Yesterday FSA detonated a car bomb in a condensed slums neighborhood in Damascus where mostly poor public workers and Damascus University students live, the western mainstream media said: the target was a meeting of Assad officers and Alawites. So it's Okay to kill people randomly, per western mainstream media. Watch carefully and try to find the officers they claim they killed:

For more images and information: Click Here

Here they say they have targeted the presidential palace, the military airport in Mazzeh and the headquarters of Syrian Intelligence: 

Each Syrian knows that each one of these three locations is in a different direction especially from where they fired their mortars which is in Razi Orchids, one location would be behind them, the other to their east and the third to their north, see image below: 

And the result: 

Mortars fell on residential houses in Mezzah 86 slums neighborhood.

On October 12, 2012 they kidnapped prominent Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva whom is based in Damascus for several years before in Qussayr near Homs, while she was on a trip back from Tartous port city to Damascus: 

Prominent Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva kidnapped in Qussayr near Homs
Yesterday they released a video recording making her ask the Syrian government, the Ukrainian and Russian embassies to meet some demands so her kidnappers can release her (English subtitles): 

Yesterday they detonated 3 explosives in the main Woroud square in Qudsaya in Damascus Countryside at the time school students were crossing from there, will leave you with some scenes of the horror: 

See who are the victims, go to the news for a video (Click here - more click here
They attacked yesterday an agricultural research center in Al Ghab, Hama countryside with a suicide bomber, their western mainstream media talked of killing 50 Syrian Army soldiers and were bragging about it as if killing state soldiers by terrorists is something commendable, however, the reality was 3 civilian farmers were killed when the research center was attacked in a systematic targeting of scientific agricultural & industrial research centers all over the country in a plain plot to harm the economy and the people till the max.

CNN: 50 Syrian soldiers killed in suicide bombing

Reality:  Civilian Farmers killed in the suicide bombing

And they killed Ilyas Mansour, a Christian old man in his 80s in Homs because he appeared on Syrian State TV asking the 'rebels' to get back to the commandments of the Bible: Not to kill, not to steal, not to rape... 

These are their victims: 
Firas Hamed Mahmoud 2 years old 'shabih' killed by Turkey sponsored
FSA sniper in Aleppo, Syria on 16/10/2012.
These who they are: 
Jabhat Al Nosra (Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA) militant in Syria
These what they use: 
US made weapons - post by Franklin Lamb ( Flooding Syria with Weapons)
US made weapons - post by Franklin Lamb ( Flooding Syria with Weapons)
Improvised Explosive Devices IEDs - post by Franklin Lamb ( Flooding Syria with Weapons)
Israeli projectiles confiscated from an FSA den
And these who support them: 
Refusing other than mainstream media narrative
They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
it's because you're foolable. Sheeple of the west.

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