Saturday, October 27, 2012

Religiously Prohibited in Saudi & Religiously Encouraged in Syria

The Book: Warning the Youth of Disobeying, Protests and Terrorism Sedition
Are the Muslims in the land of Najd & Hijaz known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are they Muslims and those Muslims of Syria non-Muslims? Does faith exist in Saudi and doesn’t exist in Syria? Why disobeying the ruler, protesting and terrorism are Haram (prohibited in Islam) in Saudi while the Saudi government, many of the Wahhabi clerics and some businessmen and ‘activists’ influenced by the Wahhabi religion are very much involved in financing and supporting Terrorism in Syria and disobeying the ruler there?

Prophet Muhammad PBuH said: ‘When sedition increases (near the day of judgment) faith would be in Sham’, which means when sedition, Fitna, spreads all over the world, especially in the Muslim world, you’ll find faith in Al Sham, the Levant, Syria. And since true faith would be in Syria when seditions increase, which means that the Syrian Muslim scholars and clerics would in general preserve true Islam more than other scholars and clerics, with some exceptions, of course, and this is the meaning of the Prophet’s hadith (saying).

Are seditions increasing in our time? Let’s look around and see how in each Arabic and Islamic country there’s a lot of seditions which have increased considerably recently no thanks to satellite channels and the talks of ‘Rubaida’ whom are the fools discussing matters of the public, many media appearing likers became experts in peoples’ matters, and especially those scholars presenting ready-made judgments on satellite tv channels that holds a lot of harm more than good.

Saleh ben Fawzan Al Fawzan and Saleh ben Muhammad Luhaidan, the Wahhabi clerics, followers of the Wahhabi religion presented early last century at the request of the British foreign intelligence services at that time, who was able to form an armed organization since then called the Muslim Brotherhood. I won’t be discussing this in depth as I’m not a scholar in the matter and I leave it to the concerned scholars, what I am interested in here is a book presented by these two men under the title: ‘Warning the Youth of Disobeying, Protests and Terrorism Sedition’ and disobeying meant is disobeying the ruler, then the Wahhabi Mufti Abdul Latif ben Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh endorsed the book, Okaz newspaper says that the prince of Madina from Al Saud Abdul Aziz ben Majid has valued the book “which contained irrefutable evidences & proofs from the Quran and prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah (words), and in the words of the imams (Muslim scholars) in warning the nation’s youth from disobeying the guardian (the ruler), and the compulsory of obeying (the ruler) and to assist the ‘fools’ and avoid seditions’.. (link to the newspaper article in Arabic)

If Saudi is a land of Islam does that make Syria a land of infidelity so whatever is prohibited in Saudi Arabia is promoted in Syria? Doesn’t this contradict with prophet’s hadith above, which says faith would be in Sham (Syria) and not in Saudi Arabia when seditions increase? And since when was Islam divided region-wise? Isn’t it a religion for all?

Saleh Luhaidan, the head of Saudi judicial higher authority, had issued a fatwa (Islamic religious advisory) allowing the killing of one third of the Syrian people so the other two thirds would be happy, per his judgment, although Islam has prohibited the killing of a human soul with no right then what about one third of the Syrian people, over 7 million human beings Luhaidan allowed killing them so the other 2/3rds would be ‘happy’, while the holy Quran says: “We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” (Al-Mā'idah 5:32). So on what precisely did Luhaidan build his judgment and which religion allows this heinous judgment? Then if that’s not enough the so called Aroor, the Syrian Revolution Godfather appears to bless this judgment: (with English subtitles, open it on YouTube and turn cc on if you can't see it here): 

Labeling people en mass as infidels to justify slaughtering them so the other 2/3rds would be ‘happy’.

Scholar Saladin Bin Arafa from the Aqsa Mosque replies to this, see for yourselves the differences between the Muslims and the Islamists (with English subtitles, turn cc on):

I wonder whether the rulers of Saudi Arabia listen to scholars like Luhaidan, Fawzan and Al Sheikh, or those scholars listen to and take their instructions from the rulers of the kingdom or there’s someone moving both to justify killing elsewhere than Saudi Arabia and prohibit it inside it? Is this the reason as well to assassinate and target the Muslim clerics in Syria by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister Erdogan FSA thugs? We await an explanation from our Muslim brothers about this.

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