Monday, October 29, 2012

FSA's Dangerous Enemy: Ilyas Mansour

He's a Syrian Christian, he refused to 'bless' the fake revolution that came at the hands of Al Qaeda whom chose the name of FSA in Syria, he refused to leave his house for more than 6 months when Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Erdogan agents infested his neighborhood in Wadi Sayeh in Homs, obviously he didn't have anywhere else to go with his sick handicapped son, the Syrian army was smuggling food for him through walls to his besieged house before the the terrorists were forced to 'tactically withdraw'. He welcomed the Syrian state TV crew and told them his story, therefore the order to eliminate him was taken and a sniper was sent to carry out the mission.

In his 80s, half blind, taking care of his handicapped sick son in his very modest house in Wadi Sayeh in the city of Homs, central Syria, Ilyas Mansour his name was, nick name was Abu Adnan. 

May God bless your soul, grant your beloved ones patience and may his almighty punish those who killed you brave man. 

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Blessed are the pure in hearts:

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He was killed by the orders of western leaders, with the western taxpayers' money, and those of their stooges, he was killed so Turkey's Erdogan's dream can materialize in becoming the Ottoman Sultan, so that Zionist israelis would have the ability to expand, he was killed so that Hollande, Cameron, Obama and their stooges get the satisfaction from their masters in their process for the New World Order and to form their One World Government where they enslave the One World Citizens, YOU FOOLS.


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  2. Your text Is very good , But you spoil it with partial way ,of accusing ones and forget the others.
    You “forgot” the 2 biggest Mafia that are paying this war and recruiting in almost every mosque Sunni build last 20 years all over the world. Saudi Arabia and Qatar
    When you accuse other people fathers but you hide your own father crimes …you are a son, but you also are corrupt . But you are No longer an good journalism .
    And if we fight our own politicians corruption is not to fall now …in your corruption
    If now you die on your own father hand’s it is your problem . As you protect him with your silence.
    Ilyas Mansour his name was, nick name was Abu Adnan.

    May M Ilyas Mansour ( Abu Adnan ) rest in peace. May this Martyr men , family have consolation .
    May the people who are blind to see the history , and God will not forget who remain silence to protect religion , to protect race