Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Washington Post, losing faith in Journalism

Washington Post, one of the US leading newspapers enriches its audience with very strong material, very strong that the readers would be in a state of mind after reading its articles to jump off cliffs.. Wait, I'm not exaggerating, just read the article appearing today under title: In Damascus, losing faith in Assad, then come back here to read this short comment, this might help you avoid jumping off the cliff:

I always love to read WP articles about Syria, it's very informative and with evidence: A guy on the street said the people hate the regime, he didn't give his name, while another guy who is 62 years to be precise, not in his 60s, most probably he's an Aries as well, he owns 4 houses in Damascus but can't stay in any, he's staying now in?!?! Anyways, while a 30 year old man doesn't feel loyal anymore, even thought he used to serve the government in shocking protesters with electric prods which none of the entire mainstream media showed any of the Syrian govt servants do in any of the protests, because the protesters were shelled at with tanks, remember? I think you forgot reports like 'peaceful protesters' in Daraa in the south of Syria were shelled by Syrian army tanks indiscriminately causing 4 protesters to be slightly wounded in Idleb, north of Syria.. and such stuff.

I remember one report posted here by a lady called Liz Sly, that's her real name for some reason, and she writes here often, she went to Hama to locate 900,000 protesters who took to the streets a week earlier and she wrote: "the city is beautiful, lots of trees on the sides of the roads, everything is calm but you can feel the revolt in hidden feelings, a lady, she refused to give her name out of fear of consequences, said the people here are all against the regime, while Mohammad, a street vendor said he will revolt against the regime if he gets the chance.. otherwise, the city looks quiet and clean", and no, she didn't find the 900,000 protesters or any of them, they were protesting with their feelings, maybe.

This report however is written by a 'Special Correspondent' if you noticed.

If it was a 'public uprising' then it was put down by another overwhelming 'public', or by a brutal army of 500,000 personnel coming from 23 million people, not to add Baath party members of 2.8 million plus those in the parliament, government, security, police and of course their families..., or the 'public uprising' wasn't public after all, you choose.

Hasn't Washington Post itself report of influx of thousands of AlQaeda fighters into Syria with the help of Turkey, Jordan and parties in Lebanon all stooges to the USA? Or such reports don't count, it's a 62 year old man the 'Special Correspondent' met on the street, and a 30 year old former protesters shocker stories stand?

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'foolable'.

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