Tuesday, April 3, 2012


'Iranophobia' is becoming more like an epidemic than a symptom by Westerns no thanks to their politicians and their mainstream propaganda media that lost its glare once earned for unbiased and professional reporting.

An article appeared on The Atlantic by Max Fisher on March 29, 2012 titled 'Iran's Female Ninjas File a Lawsuit: Not Every Iranian Is Out to Kill Us' trying to shed a light on the mistrust between Iran and the West.

The author proved to be what he criticizes, he suffers from 'Iranophobia'!

What the author says and how he fell unintentionally or maybe intentionally in the same propaganda line:

- "Iranian women do not have it very easy in life, which is maybe why 3,500 of them decided to learn the martial art of ninjutsu"- the author states that Iranian women do not have it very easy based on the fact that 3,500 of them out of over 35 million of them decided to learn a martial art technique. I'm sure the author has never met a single Iranian woman who most of them are much more comfortable than the majority of their Western counterparts, and I met quite a number of them from different levels of society.

- "PressTV is notoriously unreliable (ironically, their story uses stolen Reuters photos)" - so Iranian PressTV is "notoriously unreliable" because their story "uses stolen Reuters photos" but when 'The Atlantic' steals the same photos they say "His photos (which we also ran)"!

- "so why are its Iranian subjects taking it so seriously that they'd want to open a lawsuit?" then adds "This seems like a bit of an overreaction." - If I got this right: defamation of 'subjects' & accusing them of being terrorists shouldn't be taken seriously because the 'subjects' are Iranians! Let me imagine for a second if it was a Western 'subject', how many millions of $'s would be the lawsuit worth? And because the subjects are Iranians, it's an 'overreaction' to open a lawsuit for being defamed on a major news providing agency that had its story 'ran' in most news & social sharing outlets..

- "Maybe if we in the West could find a way to not be terrified of every back-flipping Iranian, and if Iranians could not assume an anti-Iranian conspiracy behind every Western movement, we might get along a little better." Now this is disturbing in the use of hidden conception: if the writer's intention were good, he'd not individualize "every back-flipping Iranian" as a cause of terrifying Westerns, while generalizing "every Western movement" as "anti-Iranian conspiracy" especially that we all know that every Western 'government' movement towards Iran was always an anti-Iranian conspiracy!! Instead of concluding the article with a good closure, the author played the same brainwashed "Jazeeratized" Iranophobia Western media-fed propaganda again.

Just a side note: we Syrians had also our share of defamation by Western media & especially Reuters during the ongoing riots: not every Syrian is against his country, on the contrary, those carrying the NATO flag in Syria are quite a few magnified by the Western media, and definitely none of Syrians against NATO operation duped The Arab Spring are 'Assad thugs/ loyalists/ Shabeeha/ defenders of killers..' We support our government against NATO because we don't want to end like Iraq or Somalia or Libya or Afghanistan or...
We Warned You
Iranian Female Ninja (we 'ran' this photo)
Iranian Female Ninja (we 'ran' this photo)

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