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The Lady Who Interviewed Assad & Manipulated the Interview

Over the years, if not decades, western mainstream media built their audience and the confidence of its masses through a complicated systematic method blending some reality and lots of glare, to gain credibility they allowed people to criticize them and had the guts to apologize for some mistakes, as long as the apology would come in a line that doesn't take more than few seconds to read in non-prime time broadcasting. 

Other methods included breaking news and ongoing updates or events of importance, but who decides what's important and what's not? That's not for the ordinary western audience to doubt, and a main way is to break every shred of respect towards politicians and beliefs since these are protected by the Free Speech basis of the democratic countries they broadcast from. Sounds valuable but actually there is a limit: You can criticize God whom billions in the Globe worship, you can curse at him, you can doubt his very existence, that's part of your right in the Free Speech Democracy; You can criticize your president, politician, congressman/ woman/ just about anything, but dare you even think for a moment of questioning issues that are supposed to be studies and questioned like the 'Holocaust' for instance, or dare you criticize an israeli politician, these people suffered from the 'Holocaust' and they're free to do whatever and in case you question their acts you'll end up like Helen Thomas, a career journalist who had to resign amid immense criticism for speaking some truth. And in case you have any doubt, which is your right to doubt of course, that israel will cease to continue, you'll end up like British Lord Jenny Tonge, God forbid.

Sorry if I got drifted a bit, but this usually happens with the overwhelming disgust at hypocrisy surrounding us, back to the subject, we have warned since over a year and continuously reminded everybody that Syria is different, it's not like Libya, it's not like Somalia, it's not like Yemen, it's definitely not like any other country NATO played with and succeeded, nobody would listen to us and now they're paying for their arrogance. One of those who didn't buy our words and Syria became their grave was the prominent US news network station ABC and its prominent reporter Barbara Walters. They didn't believe until they got the punch in the face from the Syrian government, and it was a chance that they stupidly played wrong.

Walters and her station were given an excellent opportunity, if they grabbed it, it would've added a considerable boost to their credibility build up, instead, and just like every other news house aligned with the same evil camp, it manipulated a rare interview with the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad on December 7th, 2011, at a time everybody in the world was waiting to see what would the Syrian president say and everybody was anticipating a very important interview, instead, ABC has manipulated the entire interview, cut and paste answers to different questions, abbreviate and every wrong thing you would not accept from a news station! 

Walters and her station put a condition that no other copy of the interview would be recorded in exchange of airing it as it was without editing. Syrian authorities accepted as it sounded fair, but this is a government with massive responsibilities and has every right to take precautions. The interview was broadcasted by ABC in a very bad to demonize the Syrian president and give an impression that he's disconnected and 'crazy' a word he said saying that only a crazy leader would kill his own citizens, and they edited it to give the impression he's crazy. The Syrian government waited a couple of days and when the interview was not aired without editing as per the conditions laid beforehand, the Syrian Foreign Affairs spokesperson called for a press conference on December 9th, 2011 and played a small footage comparing what the ABC station showed vs what was recorded and wondered "what does the international community wants exactly from Syria? They claim we do not allow media to enter Syria, and when they enter and they get an interview with the president they distort and manipulate it". [in case you don't know Arabic, just wait to see the English portions of the interview]. Read this piece as well for further information about the same interview: [Click Here].

Of course, after this press conference, the American news station had to play the entire interview without editing as was the deal initially when they realized that the Syrians have a copy of the full interview, and after a campaign of criticism by other media houses in the west, not for the sake of credibility or for the sake of transparency rather it's a commercial opportunity to knock down a competitor, not that if they get a similar chance they'll react differently.

What do you expect from this reporter when it comes to Syria: (pictures from her personal Facebook profile)

israeli President Shimon Peres
(2) Israeli President Shimon Peres 
As you know the person enjoying the intimate touch with the reporter, now distorter, is no other than Shimon Perez, the decorated war criminal of all times, check some hints about his history and achievements: 

Confirming they have a nuclear weapons arsenal: 

Watch the criminal justify his crimes because his 'state' launched 7 wars against its neighbours to occupy more land and steal water and other resources, and because they faced 2 'Intifadas' Palestinian public uprising out of the apartheid policy they suffer: 

Think of Qana and the bombing of a UN refugee school sheltering civilians he bombed during 1996, and think of Cast Lead in 2008-2009 against Gaza with his capacity as the president of israel. And so much more.

This is how the Occupy movement received him in San Francesco: 

An important piece you should waste some time on to see the level of deception of freedom you live in: 

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