Friday, October 13, 2023

Israel Expands the War on Gaza and Bombs Damascus and Aleppo Airports

In a desperate attempt to expand its war on Gaza and drag in the US-led NATO to its existential war after, the anti-Jewish entity dubbed Israel bombed Syria's main two commercial airports in Damascus and Aleppo destroying their runways and taking them out of service.

Israel Expands the War on Gaza and Bombs Damascus and Aleppo Airports

The Israeli terrorist attacks on Syria's commercial airports were carried out via an air corridor provided to the Israeli planes by the US Army illegally occupying Syria's main oil fields in Syria.

Bombing commercial airports operating international flights is a war crime and Israel is protected when it commits war crimes by its Western protectors, this is not the first of such war crimes, the Zionists have repeatedly bombed Syria to help their proxy Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists whenever they were on the verge of defeat across Syria.

After their unprecedented humiliating defeat at the hands of a few hundred Palestinian fighters from Gaza a week ago within a few hours only, around 1000 fighters broke the Israeli siege on Gaza and stormed 15 heavily fortified military bases and settlements, killing more than a thousand Israeli IDF terrorist, including top commanders, and arresting dozens others also including top commanders like the 'underwear IDF general' and taking them back to Gaza.

With its relentless assault on the innocent people of Gaza, bombing residential buildings, hospitals, schools, medics, and even mosques, directly stating and targeting civilians, each of these is an explicit war crime, the Israelis want to drag the US Army and other willing NATO armies in their struggle, similarly to the desperate attempts of the puppet regime in Kiev.

Beware what you wish for. The Israelis should have simply accepted the defeat and submitted to the demands of the Palestinians which are the same demands stipulated in dozens of resolutions by the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly signed off by Israel's main sponsors including the USA instead of doubling down with their genocide and crimes against humanity committed against the Palestinians, especially those in Gaza.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus and Aleppo Airports Risking Escalation.

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