Saturday, July 22, 2023

US Army Airdrops in Northern Syria Killing and Kidnapping People

A series of airdrops by helicopters by the US Army illegally operating in northeastern Syria led to the killing and kidnapping of several people under the allegations that their targets are ISIS terrorists, an organization working for the US's CIA...!

US Army Airdrops Kidnap and Kill People in Northeastern Syria

Throughout the past couple of months, the US Army illegally operating in Syria carried out a series of airdrops with the help of their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in towns and villages in the northeastern provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah.

Coincidentally, the targeted towns by the US Army are located near oil and gas fields.

These illegal operations on the sovereign territories of Syria resulted in the killing of several people including a man and his mother, and the kidnapping of many more.

In their illegal airdrops, the US Army uses helicopters and is supported by dozens of vehicles on the ground loaded with heavily armed Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, in one of the illegal airdrop operations last month, a US helicopter crashed and the Pentagon claims that 22 of its troops were only slightly injured, even admitting that some of those 'slightly' injured were airlifted to Germany for treatment.

A tiny village to the south of Ash Shaddadi city in the southern countryside of Hasakah, northeast Syria, was first besieged by 40 vehicles of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and the US Army used 3 helicopters to catch a young man allegedly working for ISIS, the 2 hours very costly operation failed.

The US-led large force besieged the village of Al Fadghami, then stormed it from all sides, including the airdropping, heavily fired on the houses, and combed each house and farm in the village, failing to find their target, the US troops kidnapped two of his brothers.

US Taxpayers must be very pleased seeing their hard-earned tax dollars being spent on illegal operations and one might ignore if such operations were for the good, all allegations of the US officials regarding their overseas wars proved to be false, or at least if these illegal operations were successful, in the point of view of the bigots of the US taxpayers despite the enormous budget of the Pentagon.

More about these latest escalations in this report: US Army Airdrops Kidnap and Kill People in Northeastern Syria.

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