Friday, February 17, 2023

World Health Org. Director Visiting Earthquake-Struck Syria!

The director of the World Health Organization paid a visit to Syria bringing with him some much-needed medical-related humanitarian aid, after the massive controversy about the pandemic and suspicions about the WHO's agenda, some are worried about this visit.

Syria Earthquake: WHO’s Tedros Brings Tons of Aid, Visits Aleppo, Meets Dr Assad

Tedros A. Ghebreyesus landed at Aleppo International Airport on the 11th of the month, 5 days after the devastating double earthquakes that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey which inflicted tens of thousands of casualties in both affected countries and left enormous destruction in buildings and infrastructure in addition to overwhelming the healthcare facilities, especially in Syria.

12 years of the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people, their state, and their heritage, accompanied by a complete blockade under dubbed sanctions by both the USA and its European Union minions have strongly hit the Syrian healthcare system which was thriving before this war.

The US and EU blockade, though claiming to exempt humanitarian aid and food items, prevented any business transactions between Syrian entities and the rest of the world including with Syria's closest allies like Russia, Iran, China, and others whose banks and financial institutions were interconnected directly and indirectly with the banking system dominated by the US and EU.

The healthcare aid brought into Syria by the director of the World Health Organization is essential in the relief efforts for both the earthquake and the years of war, it's not enough and it's just another proof that US and EU 'sanctions' did block Syria from acquiring these supposed to be exempted items.

However, there are many skeptics worried about the visit of the WHO official due to the controversial practices of the international organization in suspending critiques of its handling of the pandemic, its promoting of certain vaccination programs while blocking other proven cures, not to mention the lockdowns and restriction of movement which added further strangulations of vulnerable economies.

More in this report: Syria Earthquake: WHO’s Tedros Brings Tons of Aid, Visits Aleppo, Meets Dr Assad.

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