Wednesday, February 15, 2023

More than 600 Survivors of the Earthquake are Sheltered in Armenian Church in Aleppo

Dozens of families, mostly women and children, are being hosted by the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Armenian Catholics in Aleppo, they were left homeless after last week's devastating earthquake.

Armenian Church in Aleppo Hosts 600 Earthquake Survivors

A Syrian Armenian volunteer said that every day they have between 600 and 675 people who they take care of in the church, the volunteer himself and his family are also survivors of the earthquake but they are finding consolation in helping others.

The main hall in the church was turned into a temporary shelter area to accommodate its guests, volunteers, local charities, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are helping with food, baby formula, blankets, medicine, and emotional support, many of the survivors lost loved ones in the ordeal.

Last week's double earthquake was the most devastating in the region in decades, thousands of buildings are affected, including those which have already collapsed, and those that are in danger of collapsing, leaving their residents who survived getting buried under the rubble homeless.

Meanwhile, the US and its fake humanitarian European cronies have not provided any help to Syria, on the contrary, countries that are providing help have to send it through neighboring Lebanon out of fear of the US and EU sanctions, though 'temporarily paused for 180 days' as claimed by the US regime of Biden, there's nothing tangible thus far of that pause on this decade-long war crime and systematic genocide dubbed sanctions.

Add to that the continued occupation of Syria's main oil fields and agricultural food basket by the US Army to deprive the Syrians of their own fuel and food!

If you want to help, make sure the help goes to the ones in need and not through some scam campaigns or through western official channels. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Churches like the above-mentioned can receive your funds.

More in this report: Armenian Church in Aleppo Hosts 600 Earthquake Survivors.

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