Sunday, January 22, 2023

US Illegal Military Base in Syrian Al Tanf area Bombed by Kamikaze Drones

Three Kamikaze (suicide) drones bombed the illegal US military base in the Syrian Al Tanf region in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at the border junction connecting Iraq, Jordan, and Syria, the US Pentagon admitted.

US Illegal Military Base in Syrian Al Tanf area Bombed by Kamikaze Drones

Sounds of explosions shook the morning of Saturday, 20 January, followed by fumes of smoke rising from the US military base illegally operating in the Al Tanf region, the Pentagon's USCENTCOM admitted its base was attacked, claimed none of its personnel were killed without explaining how nobody gets killed from a successful explosion and cried about the attack!

The base is also manned by remnants of an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group being trained by the US Army, the group goes now by the name Syrian Free Army, formerly it was called Maghawir Thawra, previous to that it was called Khalid ibn Waleed Army which was a branch of ISIS and prior to that it was called Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front), before all of that, it was called the Free Syrian Army. So basically, after 12 years, the only thing that changed was recording the name from Free Syrian Army to Syrian Free Army!

The USCENTCOM claimed that the air defenses of the base managed to shoot down 2 of the incoming 3 drones, contrary to local sources from the nearby region, the 3rd drone, as per the US Army statement made its way, and only two members of this ISIS-affiliated terrorist group it's training in the base were injured and have been medically treated.

Previously, the Syrian Resistance, an umbrella for unorganized Syrian militias and armed men, would bomb the US Army in Syria every time Israel bombs Syria, since there's no Israeli bombing preceding this drone attack on the US Army in Al Tanf, guesses are varying between it's a retaliation against the terrorist attacks carried out by the ISIS-affiliated terrorists in this base across the southern provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, and southern Damascus Countryside, or it was carried out by another armed militia yet to be identified.

More in this report: Drones Bomb US Army Base in Al Tanf, Casualties Reported.

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