Friday, January 13, 2023

Central Syria Struck by another Earthquake

Luckily, so far the earthquakes striking areas around Syria are at a maximum moderate level, below 5 degrees on the Richter scale hence no nationwide alert, still, these series of earthquakes are worrying especially taking into consideration that Syria falls on the Arab Faultline on which some serious previous earthquakes have destroyed cities in neighboring countries in the past few years.

Central Syria Struck by another Earthquake

The latest earthquake struck near a town in the northern Hama countryside in central Syria, the earthquake recorded 4.5 degrees on the Richter scale and was 10 kilometers deep.

No casualties or damage were reported, however, this earthquake unlike the previous ones was felt across several Syrian provinces including Aleppo, Latakia, Idlib, and Hama itself.

With the USA and its cronies in the NATO 'defensive' alliance continuing their war of terrorism, attrition, and occupation against the Syrian people, the risk of an earthquake's aftermath is increasingly alarming.

There's a vicious cycle of earthquakes recorded over history, the cycle occurs every 240-300 years, in the year 2000, Syria entered the earthquake era.

More in this report: New Moderate Earthquake Strikes Hama Province, Central Syria.

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