Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Al Qaeda Suicide Bombers Squad Destroyed by the Syrian Army

Dozens of Al Qaeda herds launched an intensive attack across an axis of 3 towns in the southern Idlib countryside in northwest Syria against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced units protecting the liberated towns and villages, the attackers were met with the might of the SAA and lost significantly, some of their commanders were among the killed.

Al Qaeda Suicide Bombers Squad Destroyed by the Syrian Army

Local sources reported and the Syrian ministry of defense later confirmed the news of a surprise large-scale attack by herds of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in the southern Idlib countryside, the terrorists targeted a number of advanced military outposts of the SAA, the terrorists started their attack with suicide bombers to penetrate the barricades of the SAA units.

Vigilant Syrian Army men were ready, despite their numbers, their heavy weaponry, and their tactic of throwing in their suicide bombers first, the terrorists received an even heavier response from the defending SAA units.

The attack lasted several hours and ended with at least a full dozen of the Al Qaeda terrorists killed, and more injured, and among their casualties were two of their main commanders.

This is seen as another attempt from NATO's second-strongest leader, the Turkish madman Erdogan to try to exert more pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad to accept a photo-op summit which the Turkish war criminal would use to help him win the re-elections in mid-May.

So far, the Syrian leadership is still rightly hesitant despite earlier breakthroughs leading to the meeting that joined the Syrian defense minister with his Turkish counterpart in Moscow... Syria prefers to wait until post the Turkish presidential elections and deal with whoever emerges as the new president in Turkey.

Russia, Iran, and the Gulfies prefer to deal with their buddy Erdogan, each of them for stranger reasons than the other.

Details of the terrorist attack and the political Turkish moves in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates a Group of 12 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib.

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