Sunday, December 25, 2022

USA Creating a New Terrorist Group in Northern Syria to Combat Terrorism!

US Logic on Combating Terrorism: First, create terrorist groups, then train them, fund them, arm them, then unleash them against the targeted state, then come to combat them!

Who created Al Qaeda? ISIS? Somali Al Shabab? And all the other terrorist groups around the world? Look no further to who is claiming they have a moral duty to combat the terrorist groups around the world, uninvited in most cases or invited by the puppet regimes loyal to the USA itself.

That's exactly what the CIA textbook stipulated in Syria, first create dozens of terrorist groups across the country, then create larger terrorist groups to swallow or control the smaller ones, then come to combat them in the form of an uninvited coalition, bomb the Syrian forces in the process when the terrorists are on the verge of getting eliminated.

The latest US addition to its role in Syria is to create a new terrorist group, this time from Arab clans under the Saudi influence in the Syrian desert, these are supposed to act as a barrier between the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and NATO member state Turkey with its own terrorist groups.

So far, the US managed to gather 3000 fighters from the Arab tribes to the dismay of the Kurdish SDF separatists who see these new terrorists as their rivals in plundering Syria's oil, gas, and wheat.

More in this report: USA Creates New Terrorist Gang in Northern Syria to Satisfy Turkey.

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