Friday, December 23, 2022

US Army Smuggles 95 Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq

The US Army illegally deployed and operating in Syria continues to plunder Syrian resources, especially oil, the latest was two convoys of 95 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil were smuggled by the US army into neighboring Iraq.

US Army smuggled two additional convoys of 95 tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil into neighboring Iraq through two illegal crossings.

The US army used 2 illegal crossings between the 2 countries to move the convoys of stolen Syrian oil through, the Al Mahmoudieh and the Al Walid crossings.

It's an official US policy and that's the official task of the US army assigned to it by their former commander in chief and continued through the incumbent one, that is to steal Syrian oil while their propagandists continue to claim they are in Syria to combat ISIS, an outfit created by the US and British out of their own-created al Qaeda after invading Iraq.

The Syrian government estimates the total value of oil stolen by the US army and its proxies and the value of losses from production and the cost of destroyed, vandalized, and plundered facilities and machinery at a whooping 112 Billion US dollars.

The Syrian government wants the US to pay back that amount and they will get it one way or another sooner or later.

Noting that the US and its European lackeys with the help of their regional players impose a blockade on the Syrian businesses, they call it sanctions, steal the food and fuel from the Syrian people, occupy large regions of the country's food basket farmlands, and sponsor terrorist groups in the country, all of that for no benefit for the people of the USA or those of the EU.

More in this report: US Army Steals an Additional 95 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil.

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