Thursday, November 3, 2022

Syrian Security Continue Combating ISIS in Daraa

A little over 3 years since the Syrian Arab Army started its operation to liberate the southern province of Daraa from ISIS and other Al Qaeda terrorist groups, the terrorist organization continues to pose a threat to the Syrian people in the province, no thanks to the continuous support and protection it receives from the US Army illegally occupying the Al Tanf region in southeast Syria.

For the past 10 days, the Syrian security units have been combating ISIS terrorists holed in the city of Jassim in the northern Daraa countryside only to discover there's another heavily armed ISIS cell in a southern neighborhood of Daraa in a very fortified area.

One of the groups of the ISIS cell was eliminated by Syrian security with the help of fighters who were formerly in the terrorist groups and have since joined the Syrian Army's 5th Corps in combating the real terrorists.

The US's Pentagon has done well on its promise to revive ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), the defeat of ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates in Syria would mean the end of a very important card the US junta uses against the Syrian people and the Syrian government and for pure hegemony reasons, not a single interest of the US people is served in this conflict, on the contrary, it harms them financially and by sacrificing their own men and sons in this war of terror against the people of another country on the other side of the planet who did nothing to harm the US taxpayers.

More about the latest Syrian security operation against the US-sponsored ISIS in Daraa in this report: Syrian Security Units Eliminate an ISIS Terrorist Group in Daraa.

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