Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Lebanon Finally allows Syrian Refugees to Return Home

After a decade of miserable conditions of living and being prevented from returning home, hundreds of Syrian refugees are making the trip back to their towns and farmlands from which they fled when the US-sponsored moderate rebels invaded it.

The decision to allow the Syrian refugees to return home was only taken by the Lebanese authorities in the final days of one of their most miserable presidents Michel Aoun, a controversial figure with radical views against others who changed loyalties several times in order to get to power.

Aoun submitted to the requests of the USA and its European lackeys and Gulfie stooges in preventing the Syrian refugees to return to their homes after the Syrian Arab Army liberated it from the likes of al Qaeda and ISIS, dubbed in the western world as moderate rebels when justifying their support and terrorists when justifying their military intervention.

Dozens of Syrian refugees in Lebanon were living in horrible conditions, the poor of them in tents, the middle-class refugees were charged much more than the average for rentals, and the much richer got their deposits stolen by the Lebanese warlords under the management of Michel Aoun, dozens were killed in racist and terrorist attacks, maimed, and discriminated against during their forced stay in the neighboring country.

Now that Aoun was ending his presidential terms, he sold a goodwill gesture to Syria to help his son-in-law's bid for a coming presidency, Syria is the largest and only country neighboring Lebanon from the north and east, Lebanon borders the hostile anti-Jewish colonies combination dubbed Israel occupying Palestine in the south.

The hundreds of refugees returning came through border crossings where they were received by Syrian medical teams to examine them and provide their needed medications and were delivered to their hometowns by buses provided by the Syrian state.

More in this report: Lebanon Allows Hundreds of Syrian Refugees to Return Home.

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