Sunday, November 6, 2022

Armenian Humanitarian Mission Helping Syria Clear NATO Mines

Armenian Humanitarian mission in Syria continues to help the Syrian people in clearing their villages and farmlands of mines and explosives planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists.

Armenian Sappers Clear Syrian Village of Mines Planted by Terrorists

The village of al Burj in Aleppo’s southwestern countryside, in northern Syria, is the latest to be cleared along with its farmlands of mines by the Armenian sappers, the villagers can now safely return to their normal lives.

UNMAS, the United Nations Mine Action Service, has failed to provide any help to the Syrian people despite signing an MOU with the Syrian government back in 2018, no thanks to the continuous lobbying of the United States and its European lackeys, the fake humanitarians.

The task to clear the liberated towns of mines is overwhelming the Syrian authorities due to the large number of explosives planted by their terrorists, aka in the west as moderate rebels and freedom fighters, in all the areas they occupied.

Western taxpayers prioritize funding terrorist groups to kill innocent people across the planet over their own welfare, well-being, and even their children's future.

In addition to aiding the Syrian authorities in clearing the mines, the Armenian Humanitarian Mission also provided medical assistance to 47 thousand locals.

More in this report: Armenian Sappers Clear Syrian Village of Mines Planted by Terrorists.

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