Monday, October 17, 2022

Syrian Security Combating ISIS Cell Holed in Daraa Countryside

Syrian security discovered an ISIS cell in the countryside of Daraa province and with the help of the Syrian army's artillery and local militias, Syrian security is closing on the terrorists and taking them out slowly but decisively.

Syrian Security Combating ISIS Cell Holed in Daraa Countryside

About 100 of the ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) remnants entered the northern suburbs of the city of Jassim in the Daraa northern countryside in southern Syria, the US-sponsored terrorists were spotted and the Syrian security moved to contain and eliminate their threat, a group of 5 of the terrorists was eliminated by the Syrian security including two of the most wanted terrorist commanders.

Alongside the Syrian security agents, the Syrian Arab Army's artillery is shelling the posts the ISIS terrorists have holed themselves inside in the northern outskirts of Jassim city, and a group of local militias who joined the reconciliation process and are now aiding the state's law enforcement in the war on the US-sponsored terrorist groups.

ISIS remnants fled the rest of Daraa province after the Syrian Army raided their last strongholds, most of the terrorists headed east and are protected by the illegal US army base in the Syrian Al Tanf area from which they are carrying out their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people, the Syrian army and security agents, and even against public workers and notables.

More in this report: Syrian Security and Locals Eliminate ISIS Group in Daraa Province.

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