Sunday, October 23, 2022

Israel Bombs Damascus Outskirts, the US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Gets Bombed in Response

The rules of the war set by the Syrian resistance forces are still very much established, yesterday's bombing of the US army stealing the Syrian oil in the Al Omar oil field is evidence of its existence, each time Israel, the USA, or any of their proxies, bomb a Syrian post, the US army cannon fodders will get bombed in response.

Drone Bombs US Army Stealing Syrian Oil after Israeli Bombing

In the late evening of Friday, 21 October, Israel fired a barrage of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan targeting posts on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, the bombing caused material damage as per a Syrian military spokesperson.

In 24 hours, or less, an unidentified drone fired a barrage of missiles on the military barracks of the US army stealing the Syrian oil in the Syrian Al Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor countryside, the Pentagon is not revealing their casualties, as usual.

This rule has been established and tested several times already, if the USA feels it can sacrifice its own soldiers to defend the anti-Jewish Zionist state of Israel, so be it, after all, the US army is in Syria illegally, and its presence is only helping terrorist groups the likes of ISIS and the Kurdish SDF separatists to continue their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people and to steal Syrian riches depriving the Syrian people of their fuel and food.

Biden has repeated many times that his loyalty is to the Zionist movement even over his own Christianity, he literally said: "You don't need to be a Jew to be a Zionist," Zionism is a political movement created by European influential Jews with the help of the Europeans, mainly Britain at first, to rid Europe of its poorer Jews and dump them into Palestine in order to create the kingdom of the Antichrist, that's very non-Christian, non-Jewish, and definitely non-Islamic.

The Political Zionist movement gained enormous influence in the USA over the past century to the extent that it pushed the USA to fight wars in the MENA region to achieve its political goals on the account of the American people, financially with the spiraling out of control public debt, their wellbeing, their welfare, and their own children killed in those wars, not to mention creating enemies for the US people and their children for generations to come, enemies who otherwise would have been excellent partners for the US people in all aspects of life.

More in this report: Drone Bombs US Army Stealing Syrian Oil after Israeli Bombing.

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