Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Pentagon Admits its Forces in Syria were Bombed, Lied about the Casualties

The Pentagon's CENTCOM admitted their base in Syria's largest oil field was bombed following Israel's bombing of Damascus airport, however, the CENTCOM's statement claims that US soldiers are some kind of invincible superheroes who get bombed with rockets and don't get scratched...!

Pentagon Admits its Forces in Syria were Bombed, Lied about the Casualties

At 7:05 pm on September 18th, Syrian local time, the housing area for the US troops stealing the Syrian oil in Al Omar oil field was bombed with 3 rockets, a fourth rocket was found near the base, nobody was hurt and no material was damaged.

That's what one understands from the USCENTCOM statement issued in regards to the Syrian Resistance bombing of the illegal US military base housing facility to the south of Al Omar oil field in the eastern countryside of the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor on the evening of Sunday, the day before yesterday.

However, 3 rockets reached the base and were not intercepted, as admitted by the statement, the locals heard very loud sounds of explosions and then saw fumes of fire and smoke rise from the targeted facility, ambulances and firefighting vehicles rushed to the site, and helicopters and fighter jets roaming the skies. Worth noting that the US officials are not known for their honesty, just for the records.

The US is leading an illegal coalition of the willing in Syria which includes other NATO member states, Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and assorted mercenaries, the stated goal is to combat ISIS, the outcome of their years-long operation is an ISIS that keeps on expanding and only attacking Syrian army, and Syrian civilians!

The bombing of these oil thieves comes a day after Israel bombed Damascus International Airport and other sites to its south killing 5 Syrian soldiers, the message is very clear.

More about these latest developments in this report: US Army in Syrian Oil Field Bombed after Israel Bombed Damascus Airport.

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