Wednesday, September 21, 2022

4 Children, 2 Civilians and 3 Policemen Injured in an ISIS Attack in Daraa

Four children were among the injured from the terrorist attack carried out yesterday evening against two buses in the Syrian southern province of Daraa, the attack was carried out by what appears to be ISIS remnants operating out of the US-protected 55 kilometers area in the southeast of Syria.

4 Children, 2 Civilians and 3 Policemen Injured in an ISIS Attack in Daraa

Two buses were attacked, a police bus carrying off-duty policemen back to their homes, and a civilian bus carrying passengers moving from the Yadudah village in the western Daraa countryside to the town of Tafas to the north of it in the same countryside.

The terrorists opened fire from their machineguns aiming at the two buses indiscriminately hoping to mow down all the passengers in both buses, a spokesperson for the police in Daraa reported the injury of 4 children, 2 civilian adults, and 3 policemen in the attack, the state of their injuries are not disclosed.

These attacks are happening in the province as revenge by the US-backed ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists who fled Daraa province when the Syrian Arab Army liberated it in two waves, in 2018 and in May last year, the terrorists were provided protection from the US army occupying the Al Tanf area on the Syrian - Jordanian - Iraqi joint border region.

Talking about the US war on terror, it's literally the US war of terror against the people of countries not under the control of the US hegemony.

More about this latest heinous terrorist attack in this report: Terrorist Attack on 2 Buses in Daraa Injures 9 including 4 Children.

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