Saturday, August 6, 2022

Terrorists Assassinate Baath Party Official in Daraa Countryside

Remnants of ISIS (ISIL) terrorists assassinated an official of the Baath Party in the countryside of Daraa on Thursday 04 August 2022.

Terrorists Assassinate Baath Party Official in Daraa Countryside

Salama Al-Qaddah (picture), the Baath Party local secretary (trustee) in the city of Al-Hirak in Daraa's northeastern countryside was shot dead near his house by masked gunmen who fled the town heading east.

One more assassination in a series of similar terrorist attacks targeting notables, public workers, local politicians, and incumbent and retired public workers, even former terrorists who laid down their weapons when joining the reconciliation process and returned to their normal lives were also killed.

The targets indicate that the criminals are not from the region, Daraa is mostly a tribal area and any killing of any member of one tribe will lead to revenge killing by the victim's tribe of a member of the killer's tribe, the higher in tribal ranks the victims means the more vicious and certain the revenge will be, and everybody knows everybody else there.

The style of the killing and that the terrorists always head eastward after their crimes in addition to the threats by the remnants of ISIS who were in control of the region before the Syrian army cleaned most of it in 2018 and the rest last year leaves only the ISIS remnants as the culprits, they head east toward Al Tanf region where the US army maintains an illegal presence and has established a secure perimeter of 55 kilometers surrounding their base.

Worth noting, a large number of the personnel of the Syrian Army, a number of security and law enforcement agencies, the Baath Party, and state officials come from Daraa which the West calls the 'cradle of the revolution', against who? If they're the state the 'revolution' was against?!

More in this report: ISIS Remnants Assassinate Baath Party Official in Daraa Province.

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