Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Syrian Security Unearth Large Quantity of ISIS Weapons in Daraa Countryside

The Syrian security agencies in the Daraa countryside unearthed a large collection of weapons and munition hidden by ISIS terrorists.

Law Enforcement Seize Large Quantities of ISIS Weapons in Daraa

Based on the confession of the arrested terrorists from the latest qualitative security operation that led to the killing of the top commanders of ISIS in Syria's southern region, the authorities stormed the properties in which the weapons and munition were hidden.

After the liberation of Daraa in 2018 and earlier last year, the remnants of ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists fled toward the US Army's illegal military base in the Al Tanf area, since then, they have been launching their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people, army and security personnel, notables, and public workers in the southern region and fleeing back to the safe haven provided by the US army.

No thanks to the US and EU taxpayers and to the Gulfies regimes, the terrorists in Syria were stuffed with weapons enough to arm an entire army of a medium-sized nation, if not more, and mostly with very advanced weaponry and military equipment worth billions of dollars.

The Engineering Corps of the Syrian army ran out of storage places to hold the seized weapons it is destroying them especially since the seized weapons do not match the ones used by the Syrian armed forces.

More about the types of weapons seized today in this report: Law Enforcement Seize Large Quantities of ISIS Weapons in Daraa.

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