Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Somebody Bombed the US Army's Illegal Base in Southeastern Syria!

Three Kamikaze drones were launched at the illegal US military base in the Al Tanf region in southeast Syria yesterday, this attack came hours after an Israeli missile attack against posts of the Syrian army in Tartous and Damascus countryside which killed 3 soldiers.

The US army admitted in a statement the drones attack, they claimed they shot down one of the drones without telling what happened to the other two and without elaborating on their losses and the losses of their proxy terrorists of the ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra group guarding them.

It doesn't require rocket science to connect the drones attack against the US army in Syria to the Israeli bombing against the Syrian army, this is not the first time "somebody" fires back at the US army for attacks carried out by the US or its proxies against Syria and its allies, even the Russian army gave the US a taste of their own medicine in a previous attack.

More about the retaliatory attack with drones and the transcript of the above video in my report to Syria News: Drones Bomb US Army Base in Al Tanf in Retaliation to Israel’s Bombing of Syria.

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