Friday, July 15, 2022

Turkish Madman Expels Thousands of Refugees for Elections Gains

The Turkish madman Erdogan will never surprise us with how low he can go for tactical political gains how little those gains are and how much he's willing to inflict harm on a large number of people, including fatal harm merely to achieve a little leverage here or there.

Nobody has suffered more from the lunacy and sinister crimes of the Ottoman sultan wannabe than the Syrian people, the refugees included, the most vulnerable among them, in particular, not when their towns and villages were stormed by thousands of Turkey-backed Al Qaeda fanatics nor when they thought they escaped with their children to find themselves facing all hardship in Turkey.

The latest oppression inflicted by the Turkish madman Erdogan against the Syrian refugees who managed to flee the horror of his terrorist groups in Syria and settled in Turkey to be either pushed toward Europe for billions of Euros Erdogan was able to extract from the EU, and now expelled to areas within their home country, Syria but are under the control of the very terrorists they fled from in the first place.

During the first six months of this year alone, up to 34 thousand refugees were packed on buses and shipped to the city of Azaz in the northwestern Aleppo countryside in the furthest northwest of Syria, the city is controlled by a combination of terrorist groups led by the HTS formerly known as Nusra Front, its original name is Al Qaeda Levant and it's listed on the United Nations Security Council terrorist groups list.

Expelling the Syrian refugees would help the Turkish ruling party of the dominated anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood fanatics whose Erdogan is their supreme leader among their base group and also within large segments of the Turkish society who Erdogan told that their economic problems are because of the refugees and not because of his foreign military adventures across the region.

An unknown number of Al Qaeda fighters and their families have already been settled in Azaz under the supervision of the Turkish 'ministry of the interior' and the Turkish army, many of those terrorists were imported from around the world, mainly Uighurs from the Chinese Xinjiang province, and from Central Asian countries, the Turkish madman Erdogan believes he's their sultan as they speak some sorts of Turkic languages.

The above video report explains much, and more details in this report: Erdogan is Expelling Syrian refugees to Al Qaeda-controlled Areas.

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