Thursday, June 2, 2022

Weapons Depot Explosion Eliminates Dozens of Al Qaeda Terrorists in Northern Idlib

A series of explosions destroyed a weapon and ammunition depot in a small village in the northern Idlib countryside, the depot is run by a notorious terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda and operates under the supervision and sponsorship of NATO's 2nd stronger leader, the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Shortly before midnight and throughout the night Wednesday 1st through Thursday 2nd June, the explosions were blowing up the stockpile of rockets, missiles, artillery projectiles, and other explosives stored in the depot of Faylaq Sham, an anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorist group with strong ties with the Turkish military intelligence MiT reporting directly to Erdogan.

Muslim Brotherhood is a British invention over a century ago to fight Islam from within by using ignorant Muslims radicalized with misquotations and misinterpretations of half verses of the Quran making it sound like the opposite of its original meaning, for example: 'You are allowed to fight.. when you're attacked', the last part 'when you're attacked' is omitted.

Similarly, the Zionist ideology was invented to destroy the image of Judaism from within, and the KKK and other Christian radical groups do the same to Christianity.

The Turkish madman and neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe Erdogan is the political leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliated terrorist groups are its military wing. They consider everybody else as their main enemies, mainly every other Muslim, and that's why their main targets are mainstream Muslims, the vast majority of Muslims.

This heavily armed terrorist group, Faylaq Sham, has been targeted before by the Syrian and Russian forces and have sustained heavy losses, yet, Erdogan manages to beef it up each time. In yesterday's explosions, some locals report that around 30 of the terrorists were killed and injured in the explosions.

More in this report: Dozens of Faylaq Sham Terrorists Killed and Injured in Weapons Depot Explosions.

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