Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Degenerate Biden Junta is Stealing Food from the Syrian Children

I believe in all fairness, stealing food from children crime is not a Biden's invention or limited to his current or former regime under Obama, also, maybe starving them might be better than killing them like what they usually do? But you can easily blame Joe Biden for every single war, man-engineered crisis, famine, and suffering the USA inflicted on countries around the globe in the past 3 decades, at least, ever since he was a vocal supporter of every US intervention during his political career.

The United States of America is Stealing the Food of the Syrian Children

Now to Syria, just a decade ago, Syria was the granary of the Middle East, up until the beginning of the US-led war of terror on Syria to effect the regime change dubbed the Arab Spring, if you still think it was a popular uprising turned violent you seriously need to check your IQ or better, find an outdoor hobby, I can suggest fishing: not much thinking just casting the hook and waiting.

After the failure of the first waves of the violent protests, attacks on public buildings, and lynching of public workers, you can see a redo in the 2014 Kiev Maidan regime change, the US moved into its phase 2 which included sending into Syria hundreds of its finest highly-trained radicalized suicide bombers, and it was easy to send them in with their weapons through all Syria's borders since Syria borders puppet US regimes from all sides: Turkey in the north, Iraq in the east, Jordan and then Saudi Arabia through the open desert in the south, and Israel and Lebanon in the southwest and west.

When Syria's second-largest city Aleppo was cleaned from the 'Moderate' head-choppers, the US went into the phase of the war of attrition and destruction, that included bombing and destroying Syria's infrastructure, directly by US forces and indirectly by its proxy terrorist groups, that also included burning wheat fields in the north whose owners refused to hand it over to the Kurdish SDF terrorists, topped with the Turkish madman Erdogan blocking the flow of Syria's main river, the Euphrates.

This is when the country turned from not only a self-sufficient food secure country but also an exporter of wheat and other grains, into a dependent on aid and millions of Syrians became malnourished, the World Food Programme says 12.4 million Syrians, that's more than half of the population pre-war, became food insecure.

There are non-stop trucks smuggling stolen Syrian wheat from the northern regions into Kurdistan and from there into Turkey, the operation is run by the US forces who are also stealing Syrian oil.

More information on the US theft of the food of the Syrian children in this report: The United States of America is Stealing the Food of the Syrian Children.

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