Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Syria Receives Belarusian 2nd Batch of Humanitarian Aid

Syria received the second batch of humanitarian aid presented by Belarus which is comprised of six MAZ transport trucks as a gift from the people of Belarus to the people of Syria.

Belarus Gifts Syria Six Transport Trucks, Part of Humanitarian Aid Package

The first batch was delivered back in November 2021 and it included medical products, electrical transformers, and foodstuffs.

The shipment arrived in the Syrian coastal city of Latakia and was received in a ceremony attended by Syrian officials and the ambassador of Belarus to Syria.

Syria and Belarus have long-standing good relations on all levels, Belarus is among the few countries that didn't join the US-led war of terror against Syria politically, militarily, economically, or in any way possible, and the Syrian people show great gratitude to the countries that helped them, especially that the enemy has resorted to all sorts of terror to destroy Syria in order to move on to their next target.

More about this grant from Belarus to Syria in this report: Belarus Gifts Syria Six Transport Trucks, Part of Humanitarian Aid Package.

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