Sunday, May 15, 2022

Coordinated Attacks against Syria by Al Qaeda Terrorists and their NATO Sponsors

Those include and are not limited to US-led NATO, spearheaded regionally by the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his plethora of Al Qaeda terrorist groups from all of northern Syria, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists from the northeast, and US's advanced military post in the region Israel from the south and southwest. The coordinated attacks are coordinated by the USA itself.

The latest escalations cannot be unlinked to the major setback NATO is facing in Ukraine, their losses in Ukraine despite their astronomical investments there in all fields over the past 4 decades are collapsing before their own eyes, and their failure to take over Syria led them to drop all the masks and take off all the gloves, it's not about force-exporting democracy and free speech, Ukraine was the worst example of those to sell as a model, it's all about resources.

Al Qaeda terrorists operating under the direct supervision of the Turkish madman Erdogan blew up a bus carrying a unit of the Syrian local defense militia in northern Aleppo countryside with a guided missile killing all 11 members in the bus. This was a sign by Erdogan of opening a new front which was boiling for 2 years but was kept under the red lines.

This attack was immediately followed by an angry Syrian response that targeted some of Erdogan's most beloved terrorists and even the Turkish forces in their illegal military bases in the region.

Observers called the clashes in the past 24 in northern Aleppo the fiercest in the past 2 years, simultaneously, the Kurdish SDF terrorists were raiding towns and villages in the northeastern province of Deir Ezzor while besieging the towns and villages in the Hasakah province. These escalations came as Israel carried out its largest bombing campaign against central and coastal Syria.

More in this report: Turkey, Israel, Al Qaeda, Kurdish SDF Coordinated Attacks against Syria.

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