Wednesday, April 13, 2022

One More ISIS Car Bomb in Damascus Countryside, Syria

Another bomb blew up in a passenger's car, this time in the city of Qatana in the southwestern countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus, luckily, no casualties were reported by this terrorist attack.

IED Explosion in Finance Department Parking in Damascus Countryside

The car caught fire and was damaged by the explosion, surrounding buildings sustained material damage as well, people panicked and were terrified, maybe that was the goal of this attack.

Syrian law enforcement agencies launched an investigation into the incident that happened yesterday near the building of the Finance Department of the city, fingerprints of the US-sponsored 'foreign legion', in Syria, they go by names like freedom fighters, moderate rebels, peaceful protesters, and opposition forces, their real names they call themselves ISIS, Nusra Front, Al Qaeda Levant, HTS, FSA...!

Five days before yesterday's explosion, a similar car explosion destroyed a passenger's car as well, the attack killed an off-duty Syrian army engineer officer, again, ISIS remnants were the main suspects.

ISIS remnants hide in a kill zone of 50 square kilometers in the southeastern Syrian desert, the kill zone surrounds an illegal military base run by Biden forces.

More in this report: IED Explosion in Finance Department Parking in Damascus Countryside.

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