Saturday, April 9, 2022

Biden Oil Thieves Sustain Casualties in Syria's Largest Oil Field

Biden forces stealing Syrian oil came under attack in the Al Omar Oil Field in the eastern countryside of the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, multiple reports, including of the Pentagon confirmed the attack and spoke of casualties in the attack that took place yesterday and was attributed to Syrian popular resistance units.

Biden Forces in the Syrian Al Omar Oil Field Bombed, Casualties Reported

The number of casualties, however, differ based on the source, the Pentagon in its usual living in denial state when it speaks of its own losses said only two of its personnel were wounded, we can't take any of their statements seriously as the large number of casualties they had when Iran bombed their base in the Iraqi Ain Asad (around 102 dead) was reported initially by the Pentagon as only a few headaches, later on, it started leaking the real number and most of them, it said, died of 'car accidents while performing their duties'..!

Other sources from the region said there was a case of hysterical panic among the oil thieves regiment of the US armed forces in Syria and this usually follows serious casualties among the thieves.

Al Omar oil field is Syria's largest oil field and it's one of the main sources of oil the Syrian people depend on for heating, transportation, and cooking their food, it's been under occupation since the first NATO proxy, Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA, 'liberated it' in 2013, and since then, the occupiers have changed flags to Nusra Front, ISIS, Kurdish SDF, and now the US army who are actively 'democratizing' the oil field and pushing for 'liberal freedoms' values on the Syrian oil sector, Syrian activists are speaking of efforts to make the Syrian oil called 'Syrian Oila' as its preferred gender or at least to become 'gender neutral'...!!

More about this attack and previous attacks against the Biden and former Trump oil thieves in this report: Biden Forces in the Syrian Al Omar Oil Field Bombed, Casualties Reported.

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