Sunday, February 27, 2022

15 Al Qaeda Terrorists Poisoned with Chemical Substance in Idlib

At least 15 terrorists of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists were rushed to the Turkish-controlled hospitals suffering from skin and pulmonary burns when trying to close a leak in one of the containers they were transporting.

False Flag Chemical Plot Gets Nusra Front Terrorists Fried

The terrorists from Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant aka Jabhat Nusra) were moving containers of poisonous material through the village of Kafr Lucin in Idlib countryside from the Turkish side of the borders when they noticed the leak in one of the containers and tried to handle it.

Spotters reporting to the Syrian and Russian intelligence confirmed the incident and said the terrorists were planning to fire the chemical substance against a Syrian army's position in the liberated side of the southern Idlib countryside.

This is not the first time the terrorists were seen with chemical weapons-grade substances, the first time when they used the products of a Turkish chemical company (Tekkim) in a video poisoning rabbits and threatening to drop the same chemicals in the main river providing drinking and irrigating water to the people of Latakia province, about 2 million people depend on water from this river.

There's a full load of evidence of false flag operations pointing fingers at the NATO-sponsored terrorists using chemical weapons against the Syrians while accusing the Syrian army of the same with the help of their sponsors in NATO.

More about this latest incident in Idlib with some background on the Al Qaeda Levant and their White Helmets 'civil' arm in this report: False Flag Chemical Plot Gets Nusra Front Terrorists Fried.

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