Saturday, January 29, 2022

NATO Top Leader Erdogan Jails a Prominent Journalist for Criticizing Him

NATO's 2nd top leader the Turkish madman Erdogan is prosecuting one of Turkey's most prominent lady journalists for what his regime claims was an insult to his deity.

Turkish Madman Erdogan Arrests a Prominent Journalist for Criticizing Him

Sedef Kabas (Kabash) in a televised talk show recited two Turkish proverbs about the situation her country has reached under the rule of the dictator Erdogan, little she knew that would lead to her arrest under a law introduced by Erdogan to punish any critique of his 'democratic' ruling or his person.

Without naming him, journalist Kabas said in one proverb: 'one who wears the crown becomes wise, but we do not have this' and in the other proverb she recited says: 'when the bull enters the palace, it does not become a king, but rather that the palace turns into a barn.' Apparently, Erdogan felt he was the bull referred to by the journalist.

Ms. Sedef joins 39,000 cases where the Turkish public prosecution, totally controlled by Erdogan's ruling AKP party, who are either imprisoned or ordered to pay a hefty bail, including, Syria News, my website, and my WordPress blog both of which were the subject of a lawsuit filed by Erdogan's lawyer at a court in Istanbul and ironically won the case against me which I didn't attend, and I do not work out of Turkey so their draconian laws do not apply on me, but they did manage to block both my site and my blog from the Turks.

More in this report: Turkish Madman Erdogan Arrests a Prominent Journalist for Criticizing Him.

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