Saturday, January 22, 2022

Biden Unleashes the US Army and Dozens of ISIS Terrorists on the Hasakah Province in Syria

Dozens of ISIS (Daesh) terrorists fled a 'high security' prison in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah, simultaneously, the US forces illegally deployed in Syria started bombing the province's infrastructure under the guise of chasing ISIS terrorists, except for all the flaws in the US narrative.

Biden Forces Lose Dozens of Daesh / ISIS Terrorists from Syrian Prison

A suicide bomber drove his armored vehicle stuffed with C4 explosives into the main gate of the Gweiran prison which houses thousands of ISIS terrorists, houses not detained, you'll see why shortly, the explosion destroyed the main entrance and created a state of chaos, it was followed by herds of dozens of ISIS terrorists attacking the prison, they managed to release a large number of the ISIS terrorists.

The flaws start with the prison is not run by the Syrian state, it's run by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists protected by the US army which in turn is illegally deployed in Syria. We have earlier reported that this is literally a spa for recreation for the terrorists, shoplifters are kept in way more secured detention centers and in tougher conditions, and we also reported earlier on the numerous times the US helicopters airlifted ISIS terrorists, especially their commanders, to safety from the way of harm when they were attacked by the Syrian army and its allies.

When Captured:
Biden Forces Lose Dozens of Daesh / ISIS Terrorists from Syrian Prison
Spa Time:
Biden Forces Lose Dozens of Daesh / ISIS Terrorists from Syrian Prison
Ready for Killing:

Biden Forces Lose Dozens of Daesh / ISIS Terrorists from Syrian Prison

The US helicopters also carried around ISIS terrorists from one region in Syria to another, and from regions in Syria into neighboring Iraq, each such operation by the US forces was immediately followed by a terrorist attack adopted by ISIS on Syrian forces, passenger buses, oil tankers, and even against shepherds in the desert, in one incident they slaughtered 400 sheep and their shepherd.

US helicopters were also spotted dropping large packages of food, weapons, munition, tents, and communication equipment to remote areas where ISIS terrorists are holed in, when the Pentagon officials were faced with such reports they used to say it was dropped by mistake!

Furthermore, the US maintains a no-fly zone around its illegal bases, these zones are where the ISIS terrorists flee to when chased by the Syrian army and its allies, the US officials were confronted several times with evidence by the Russian ministry of defense and they maintain their narrative arrogantly. In one of these fly-zones, not only do ISIS terrorists flee to, the US army officially brags about training an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group called 'Maghawir Thawra'.

In late 2019, we shared a report in which we managed to gather a number of statements by US Pentagon officials warning of the re-emergence of ISIS after it was largely defeated and when Trump decided to withdraw the US troops from Syria, 'warning of' in the political language means 'threatening with', soon enough, ISIS terrorists emerged and started their terrorist attacks.

More in this report: Biden Forces Lose Dozens of Daesh / ISIS Terrorists from Syrian Prison.

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