Thursday, December 2, 2021

No More Grand Mufti in Syria, It Was a Mistake and Now Corrected!

The news of abolishing the post of Grand Mufti in Syria was shocking to the majority of the Syrians, mostly because of Mr. Badreddine Hassoun, the incumbent of the post is widely respected and beloved among all Syrians including non-Muslims Syrians because of his humble personality, vast knowledge, and sermons with profound messages touching their hearts, it wasn't about Mufti Hassoun.

Some of the Ottoman Sultans - some of the worst war criminals history told about
Some of the Ottoman Sultans - some of the worst war criminals history told about

During the rules of the Ottomans, the most hated bloodthirsty dynasty to rule large areas of the region, one of their bloodiest Selim I introduced the role of Mufti, a person who would issue religious judicial opinions and who wouldn't dare to oppose the Sultan and would have to justify his doings, whatever he did.

The Wahhabis, the NATO-styled version of Islam followed by the Saudis and Qataris, and the Muslim Brotherhood, an anti-Islamic clan created by the British about a century ago, have taken the fatwas to the extreme and emptied the Islamic teachings from their peaceful messages in order to satisfy the agendas of the British and the US in its wars against Islam, turning the powers of the scholars against fellow Muslims and painting a grim picture of the peaceful religion. From these two sects, the Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood (the religion of the Turkish madman Erdogan) came the Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

This was carried on until our current days. In Islam, there's no such thing as religious authority, scholars base their knowledge on the Quran, the Hadiths (the Prophet's sayings), and the opinions of other scholars, they must be abreast with the Arabic language to understand the more proper meanings of the Quran verses, and the scholars must be knowledgeable in the topics they issue their Fatwas about, the judicial non-compulsory opinions, people would consult these scholars on what they have learned if a matter arises and which they couldn't find a proper solution for.

Instead of a single person, Syria already had a council for issuing the fatwas, there were 4 Muftis for Damascus alone, they convene and discuss the matters at hand and should come up with an agreed solution based on the principles of Islam. However, this is now no more and a religious council representing all the Muslims has been formed and is replacing the Mufti's role thanks to a new legislative decree by President Assad.

A controversy immediately aroused after issuing the decree especially that it came right after the mandate of Grand Mufti Hassoun expired raising speculations about it, this is what I wrote about in my latest post on Syria News: Syria Abolishes the Position of ‘Mufti’, an ‘Un-Islamic Ottomans Invention’.

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