Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Bomb Blows-up 2 US Army Trucks in Northern Syria

The trucks were part of a large convoy of trucks carrying logistical materials which entered the Syrian territories from an illegal border crossing with Iraq, the US forces very presence in Syria is illegal by International Law, the UN Charter, and by all the preaching the US propagandists fill the screens with their leading 'democracy' and 'life style' they want to export to the world.

Roadside Bomb Blows up Biden Forces Trucks Convoy in Northern Syria

Biden oil thieves forces secured the area of the attack and it was not possible for the local sources who reported the incident to find out whether there were casualties among the US forces and how many and what were their conditions. With a history of lying by the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and other US institutions, it'll be near impossible to find out how many were killed and injured in this and similar attacks in Syria and the region.

Remember 'all is well' by Trump after Iran bombed the Ain Asad military base in Iraq avenging the Trump murdering their revered army general Qasim Soleimani who was on an official visit to Iraq? It turned out that dozens of US troops suffered 'headaches' after the bombing, headaches of the type that they had to be airlifted to the main hospital in Germany, or their bodies air-lifted.

This recent attack comes after less than a month of the previous brazen bombing that targeted another illegal military base of the US forces in Syria in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert, which was also in retaliation to the US forces allowing and joining Israeli fighter jets that bombed a Syrian military base in central Syria.

More about this latest roadside bomb explosion in this report: Roadside Bomb Blows up Biden Forces Trucks Convoy in Northern Syria

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