Wednesday, December 22, 2021

NATO and Terrorists Bomb Syrian Town Killing and Injuring Civilians including Children

The army of NATO member state Turkey and Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups operating with it in northern Syria shelled the town of Ras Al Ain and several villages in its vicinity with heavy artillery and missiles killing 3 civilians and injuring dozens.

Erdogan Terrorists Kill 3 Civilians in Indiscriminate Bombing of Ras Al Ain

The barbaric attack destroyed many houses and forced dozens of families to flee from their hometowns seeking refuge in other towns.

The civilians killed were 2 women and an elderly man in their homes, the injured included many children, this latest war crime is within a series of targeted policies by NATO member state Turkey to Israelize large areas in the oil-rich agricultural and water-rich northern region of Jazira in Syria, it's called 'Jazira' which literally means Island in Arabic as it's surrounded with the Euphrates and its branch rivers.

Turkish madman Erdogan is uprooting the local Syrians from the targeted cities, towns, and villages, and replacing them with families of terrorists loyal to him, Syrians from other regions and from other countries, hence the term 'Israelize' to describe this war crime.

More on these latest developments in this report: Erdogan Terrorists Kill 3 Civilians in Indiscriminate Bombing of Ras Al Ain.

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