Sunday, December 19, 2021

Kurdish Terrorists infighting Escalates in Northern Syria and Western Iraq

US-sponsored Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria and western Iraq are back to their usual infighting, the schism dominating their relations in the region they carved out of northern Iraq with the help of NATO and Israel have moved along with them to the regions they're occupying in northern Syria.

Kurdish Terrorist Factions bring their Conflicts to Syria from Kurdistan

It's just a coincidence that the regions occupied by the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq are the same regions where the main oil fields, plantations - food baskets, and water in these countries are, keeping in mind that the Kurds in Iraq are a minority and those in Syria are even a lesser minority most of who came as refugees fleeing the Ottoman genocide from the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq in the final days of the Ottoman empire.

The parties of the warlords and family-mafias of Barazani and Taliabni in Iraq are attacking each other's quarters in northern Syria, the past couple of days witnessed an escalation in these attacks with members loyal to the PKK attacked the quarters of the so-called Democratic Council in two cities in Syria, they like to use the word 'democratic' in their factions naming even though they're two main families fighting each other using the commons.

The ironic part is when another US-sponsored outlaw, the Kurdish SDF terrorists in Syria vowed to 'bring the attackers to justice', can you imagine?!

More in this report: Kurdish Terrorist Factions bring their Conflicts to Syria from Kurdistan.

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