Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Israel Killed 2 Syrian Civilians and Injured Others in Late Night Bombing

This is the 6th Israeli aggression against Syria in one month only, all under the US complete protection and full support and sponsorship including fueling their fighter jets and gifting them the explosives stuffed in the missiles, this latest aggression killed 2 innocent civilians and injured one more civilian and 6 Syrian soldiers.

Israel Bombs Central Syria from over Beirut Killing 2 Civilians, Injuring Others

The late-night bombing, at 1:26 am, was carried out from over the Lebanese capital Beirut and targeted Syria's central region, there are no reports of material damage at the time of writing this report.

A Syrian military spokesperson confirmed the attack has happened and added that the Syrian army's air defense systems managed to shoot down most of the incoming missiles, Israel usually fires a barrage of missiles to overwhelm the air defense units deployed in a certain area, after all, it doesn't pay for its military, the US taxpayers do.

We didn't hear any condemnation from the United Nations about these repeated Israeli aggressions against Syria, we're not expecting to hear any condemnation about this one either, however, when Syria starts bombing back Israel we will also not hear listen to any condemnation.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Central Syria from over Beirut Killing 2 Civilians, Injuring Others.

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