Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Iranian IRGC Confront US NAVY PIRATES and Retrieve an Oil Tanker

So much conflicting news coming from a confrontation at sea that was reported by Iranian media earlier today where US Navy operating in the Gulf of Oman were attempting to pirate an Iranian oil tanker and they were thwarted.

Iranian IRGC Foil an Oil Tanker Piracy by US Navy Pirates

The picture is not yet clear as to what exactly happened, footage released by the Iranian powerful IRGC shows Iranian boats surrounding a US navy ship and forcing it to leave the site then the boats escorting an oil tanker after some of the IRGC troops were dropped over the ship from their helicopters.

One version says the US navy ship tried to pirate the oil vessel, another said oil tanker violated Iranian territorial waters, and a website allegedly close to the IRGC said the captain of this particular ship had earlier collaborated with the USA and handed over a load of Iranian oil destined to Venezuela to the US regime instead, the Iranians were monitoring the vessel and when it came to within their reach they didn't miss the chance to bring back their vessel and the traitor captain.

The Pentagon did confirm an incident happened, whatever they detail later is not trustworthy as usual.

More in this report: Iranian IRGC Foil an Oil Tanker Piracy by US Navy Pirates - video included.

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