Saturday, November 6, 2021

Instead of Withdrawing, Biden Beefs Up his Oil Thieves in Syria

After returning from the very successfully useless climate summit, the head of the US White House junta Biden decided that there's not enough pollution emitted from his forces around the world, so he increased the number of his forces illegally deployed in Syria...!

Biden Beefs Up the US Oil Thieves Troops in the Syrian Al Tanf

Locals spotted a convoy carrying weapons, munition, and gears, the largest in a while, entering the Syrian territories at the furthest point in the desert along the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan heading to the Al Tanf area.

Biden maintains a number of his troops to loot Syria's oil, prevent the country from fighting terrorists as he provides a 55 kilometers ISIS-protection zone within the Syrian land, illegally, of course, and to try to bargain on the share of decision-making in Syria's future, because, as we all know, the USA doesn't like other countries to interfere in its internal affairs, especially the political affairs...

More about this latest breach of international law and the background about those oil thieves in the depth of the Syrian desert with their ISIS-affiliated terrorist group in this report: Biden Beefs Up the US Oil Thieves Troops in the Syrian Al Tanf.

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