Friday, October 1, 2021

Israel Loses a Drone over Lebanon - It's in Safe Hands Now!

Israeli media quoted a source in the Israeli IDF terrorist organization saying they lost a drone over Lebanon and they're investigating the issue.

Losing a drone while flying it far away is an ordinary thing, except when the drone is run by a spy agency and its last location was over enemy territories and it is connected to its base through a high communication network, then things become sensitively 'dangerous' for the operators of the lost drone.

Lebanese Hezb Allah Shoots Down an Israeli Drone with ‘Suitable Weapon’

The Israeli IDF terrorists wouldn't have bothered to report the incident had it not been that the Hezb Allah media reported they managed to shoot down an Israeli drone over southern Lebanon, they also said they used 'suitable weapons' for this mission. No damage control can help here, it's not the first time Israel is losing to Hezb Allah especially in the past year and on all fields.

Hezb Allah is an essential part of the Axis of Resistance, a group of countries and parties that resist the US hegemonic demonic plots in the region, in the matter of fact, the Lebanese Hezb Allah party is the more mobile part of the Axis that has freedom of movement, not because they like to go beyond their area, it's because their enemies have targeted them and their people in every area around the world.

The latest achievements by Hezb Allah against Israel puts the latter in a very unenviable situation, the breaking of the US-EU-Gulfies siege on Lebanon in early September with its naval deterrent aspect, the tit-for-tat bombing in the month earlier over the borders between occupied Palestine and Lebanon, the losing of its patrons the Saudis in Yemen, the withdrawal of its main provider, the USA from the region, and the loss in its May war against Gaza, Israel cannot afford further humiliating losses, and now a drone.

Drones are one of Israel's major fields it invested in heavily, with US taxpayers money, and it started selling to other countries, its US taxpaying financiers do not get to share the profit, therefore, a failure in the drones after the failure in its so-called 'Iron Dome' will surely cause a major setback for its exports in this field, especially if the drone was shot down by Hezb Allah, which presumably does not have advanced air defense systems, unless we understand what does the Hezb's media mean with the 'drone was shot down with suitable weapon?'

Even the Pentagon scrapped a deal to buy Israel's Iron Dome after the miserable failure of this system in addressing the primitive handmade missiles coming from the besieged Gaza Strip. Will just pause a second to laugh at this irony: the US taxpayers fund the Israeli military and basically, all its living costs, then the US military industries provide Israel with the latest technology to develop controversial weapons it doesn't want to develop itself, then buys those products of Israel instead of sharing the profit from the sales, how dumb the US taxpayers are is beyond comprehending.

More about yesterday's latest Hezb Allah achievement in this report: Lebanese Hezb Allah Shoots Down an Israeli Drone with ‘Suitable Weapon’.

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