Thursday, October 14, 2021

Israel Bombs Syria from Over US Soldiers for the 2nd Time in One Week

Yesterday and just before midnight, as usual, Israel fires its missiles toward a base used by the Syrian Army and its allies who are fighting ISIS in the Syrian desert, this is the 2nd time in less than one week, and this is the 2nd time Israel fires its missiles from over the US soldiers who in turn are illegally deployed in the Syrian al-Tanf area on the borders with Jordan.

Israel Uses US Forces as Human Shields to Kill a Syrian Soldier in Tadmor

Israel usually carries out its attacks against the Syrian Army and its allies to protect ISIS and other Al Qaeda terrorists when they are losing a battle, it carried out such attacks from behind civilian airplanes several times, it did the same from behind a Russian IL 20 military plane which back then caused the shooting down of the larger and slower body in the sky when the Syrian air defense missiles were seeking the heat of the planes firing the missiles, and one of its latest bombing was behind 2 civilian airplanes over Beirut.

Since its inception, Israel was built on the skulls and bones of the people of Palestine and then the other Arab countries in the Levant all with the help of the former colonial powers, the British, French, and later the US occupiers, it needs wars to continue surviving as much as the Military-Industrial Complex needs to sell its weapons on the account of the US taxpayers who provide billions of their hard-earned tax monies to Israel as in direct aid and in discounts on the sales of weapons. Do the US citizens have that much extras to spend on Israel's wars? If so, do they offer their children for Israel to use them as human shields in bombing others hoping Syrian air defense missiles fall over the US soldiers in the Syrian desert?

More in this report: Israel Uses US Forces as Human Shields to Kill a Syrian Soldier in Tadmor.

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