Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Bloody Day in Northern Syria, Two Explosions Kill 8 People Injure Dozens

An escalation in terrorist attacks in the northern regions of Syria occupied by NATO member state Turkey and its Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, two explosions claimed the lives of 8 people and injured dozens of others.

Two Terrorist Explosions Claim the Lives of 8 People in Northern Syria

Terrorists detonated a car bomb in the crowded center of the city of Afrin, northwest of Syria, the explosion killed 5 people including a woman, and injured at least 22 others.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack which might have been carried out by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists or another Al Qaeda group that targeted a quarter of Jaish Islam, they usually fight each other over the bounties they gain from killing Syrian people.

The other explosion yesterday took place in the house of a commander of the so-called Sultan Murad, a terrorist organization working for the Turkish madman Erdogan to revive the Ottoman sultanate.

Local sources say 3 people were killed in the explosion including a woman and a child, the cause of the explosion was friction among the munitions stored in the same house!

More in this report: Two Terrorist Explosions Claim the Lives of 8 People in Northern Syria.

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