Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Kurdish SDF Terrorists are Worried the US is Dumping Them

As NATO Turkish army is drone-bombing commanders of the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northern Syria, and the Kurdish SDF are seeing the US proxies in Afghanistan being dumped by their patrons, they are asking help from Russia to protect them from the Turks, not asking the US anymore.

NATO Turkey Drone Killing NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF Commanders
Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists guarding US oil thieves in northern Syria

They seem to be trusting Russia not the USA, the leading NATO member state, in dealing with Turkey, the other NATO member state, nobody envies them for the wrong choices they have taken since the US promised them land from Syria if they helped the US block the Syria - Iraq connection to serve Israel.

The Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists received many signals that they're just proxies being used by the United States in exchange for the temporary goals the US wants to achieve in Syria, they still insist on their goals to Israelize large territories from Syria, that is to uproot the Syrian people from their land, take over the land, build their ghetto-styled settlements, and import Kurds from other regions into these lands.

Turkey is taking advantage of their stupidity and liquidating their commanders, 8 so far this year, using the drones Israel helped them build.

If you're confused with this news, so are the Kurds, so are every single person monitoring the developments and not understanding how can the Kurdish politicians and militia commanders be so dumb, or maybe criminals harming their own people in addition to harming the people who hosted their grandparents and provided them with shelter and protection from the Ottoman genocide.

More in this report: NATO Turkey Drone Killing NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF Commanders - video report.

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