Thursday, September 16, 2021

Hezb Allah, Syria, and Iran Break the US Oil Embargo on Lebanon

104 Syrian tankers carrying Iranian oil arrived in Lebanon today breaking the embargo imposed on the Levantine country for the past 1.5 years.

Lebanese Hezb Allah, Syria, and Iran Break the US Embargo on Lebanon

This is a major step in challenging the US hegemony over the region, it's also a small step that is worth the last decades of the US efforts to demonize the Resistance Axis which revealed the reality on who is behind the suffering of the people of the region and who is working on enhancing the lives of the people starting with their freedom and ending with their bread.

Each tanker carries up to 50,000 Litres of diesel, this is the first shipload out of several others, 2 are already due to arrive in the Syrian port of Baniyas, Hezb Allah leadership who bought the oil from Iran asked Syria to offload the shipment in Syria and then transport it by land into Lebanon to avoid embarrassing the US agents among the Lebanese officials. This step also broke the US veto on the Lebanese communications with Syria where a top delegation visited Syria earlier this month after a decade-long boycotting to seek Syria's approval to transport electricity from Jordan and gas from Egypt to Lebanon through Syria.

This shipment also broke the US veto on forming a government in Lebanon, they have been under a caretaker government for 14 months.

Details and more information in this report: Lebanese Hezb Allah, Syria, and Iran Break the US Embargo on Lebanon - video included.

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