Sunday, September 12, 2021

Russian Soldier Killed in Syria by Al Qaeda Roadside Bomb Explosion

A roadside bomb planted in a vehicle on the side of the road in the central Syrian province of Homs was detonated when a Russian humanitarian convoy was passing by, one of the Russian soldiers was killed and one of the vehicles was damaged.

Russian troops in Syria
Russian Troops in Syria

The Russian ministry of defense reported the incident which took place on the 9the of the month and added that the soldier was severely wounded in the attack and all efforts to save his life at the hospital he was rushed to failed and he succumbed to his wounds.

This is an additional heinous crime by NATO who once cried that Russia is offering a bounty to the US's buddies the Taliban to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan, it seems that was the Pentagon's cover-up for doing the same against the Russian troops deployed legally in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian authorities.

Russian army, navy, aerospace military, landmine sappers, and Russian doctors are helping the Syrian people in their fight against the international organized crime cartel by NATO proxy terrorists, the Russians have bled along with the Syrians in the past 6 years in all their different corps and in all their ranks from soldiers to generals and from servicemen to ambassadors in this war against the NATO-sponsored terrorism.

More in this report with additional links to reports on the total number of Russian soldiers killed in action in Syria defending the Syrian people, Russia itself, the next stop of the terrorists had they won in Syria, and ironically the western citizens in NATO countries when terrorism is spread and it can't be controlled: Al Qaeda Bomb Kills Russian Serviceman on Humanitarian Corridor.

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