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Too Much Day Dreaming is Bad for the European Settlers in Palestine

I'm not sure why would any person take his family from their home country where they are living safely all the way to the most hostile place on the planet where they have to steal the land of others who are just a stone away and want their land back, at all costs?

Too Much Day Dreaming is Bad for the European Settlers in Palestine

Seriously, this continues to puzzle me, whatever they were promised, don't they see the outcome? All of the Levant and way beyond are suffering from the decision of the European leaders to dump their Jewish population, only the poorest of them, into Palestine, all the miseries, crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing in the region, the creation and rise of terrorism, and the hundreds of billions of hard-earned Euros and dollars by the taxpayers of Europeans and USAians were wasted just to achieve that goal! It's seriously mind-blowing.

The worse part is where some blind Sheeple work on promoting more of all of the bloodshedding and suffering like this member of Quora, the wiki Q & A social platform, who put up a question based on events that took place in last century up until 5 decades ago, his question is: In case of a full war between Israel and Syria, how far will Israel push into Syrian territory before they overstretch their supply line?

I had to reply, first, since I was tagged for the reply by the platform, and second, trying to help save the lives of everyone including those brainwashed poor European and US Jews pushed into Palestine. I'm copying my answer here in full to preserve it from Quora's heavy censorship with everything related to not glorifying Israel and to share the information with the readers of this platform, my answer to the above question on Quora:

I love the question affirmation tone, it’s healthy to have dreams and ambitions while sleeping or at your pastime, but having such dreams and fantasies more often causes setbacks, brain damages, and even severe depression.

All those who would answer that Israel won previous wars against Syria stop short in the year 1967 or sometimes they extend it a bit to the 1973 war, what happened after that is a reality that changed dramatically.

Ever since the Europeans decided to expel the poorer Jews from their countries and the richer Jews, namely the Rothschilds, convinced the British to take advantage of the British occupation of Palestine to create a gathering place for the unwanted European Jews, all of Europe and the Zionist movement worked overtime to achieve this goal, their previous choice of a ‘the land of their ancestors’ in Crimea was later strongly opposed by the USSR and especially during Stalin times, there was a considerable Zionist figures gaining power in the USSR top ranks and Stalin felt the pressure and wanted to maintain Crimea at all costs, despite that the Zionist leaders preferred it over Palestine and were ready to print thousands of books to prove that their ancestors lived there 5000 years ago. Stalin was the first to recognize an Israel state on occupied Palestinian land.

The unlucky people of the Levant were starting to mobilize to end the very oppressive 400 years of Ottoman occupation when the British took advantage to deceive everybody and had arrangements with all parties including the Ottomans, the Sharif Hussein of Arabia, the French, the Zionist movement, and the Russians on how to divide the Levant early last century and went into WWI testing which of the agreements would benefit them more than the other.

Fast forward, and skipping all the massacres and war crimes the British and their Zionist terrorist groups committed against the Semite people of the Levant in Palestine, the terrorist groups were combined into what is now called the IDF, the state was created for the newly formed army over the stolen land and since the idea was to expel all the poor Jews from Europe and elsewhere, more land and resources are constantly needed and thus we have the expansionist wars Israel with the support of the British then all of currently NATO countries, against Palestinians and their neighbors.

Armed to their teeth by the British, highly trained and radically motivated, the Zionist terrorist groups and later the IDF fought against the people of the Levant who got their liberation from the Ottomans to find themselves under the occupation of Britain and France until 1945, that’s when Israel was needed to be declared a state and a UN resolution was agreed for, which of course the major powers were in agreement each for their own interests. The 1948 war wasn’t really a war as there were resistance groups that marched, very poorly armed with hunting rifles, and were betrayed by all parties including the Egyptian king of the time, the Iraqi king and the Al Saud.

In 1967, it is now known as a fact that the Egyptians were betrayed by their own Sadat who, as per several sources, helped eliminate Nasser, and then joined Syria’s late Hafez Assad in the 1973 war, which was a major success until Sadat did it again and announced he’s withdrawing from the war and accepting a peace pact offered by the USA leaving Syria alone to fight Israel which was by then beefed up by US pilots and their newly arrived fighter jets. Syria was always poor in the air and more focused on air defense. I wouldn’t call the 1973 - 1974 war a defeat for Syria, as it did manage to liberate the city of Quneitra and its vicinity, would anybody else call liberating territory in a war a defeat?

In 1982, there was no direct war between Syria and Israel, Israel invaded Lebanon from the south and the US was heavily involved in the war on Israel’s side including the use of the AWACS planes, the first time in such conflicts, Syria lost badly in the air but managed not only to keep the ground but also to push back the Israeli advancing forces before they reached the Damascus - Beirut highway, the battle of Marj Sultan Yacoub in the Bekaa Valley witnessed a complete massacre of the Israeli advancing Merkava tanks by the Syrian battalion in the place, the Israeli claim, as usual, that only a few tanks were destroyed and few of their soldiers were injured, all other sources recorded 100 - 120 Israeli tanks destroyed and some of them were driven to Damascus, one was even gifted to the USSR which Putin, for some unknown reasons, gave it back to Netanyahu recently.

There the Israeli alleged ‘victories’ over Syria stopped and the reverse ever since was achieved. Although Israel was occupying half of Lebanon including large parts of the Lebanese capital Beirut with the help of some Christian radical groups like the Phalanges, its troops never had a day of rest, their patron the Lebanese President and head of the Phalanges party was killed and they were forced to retreat to a small strip in southern Lebanon where they remained there until the year 2000 in which Hezb Allah, a small Lebanese resistance party with few hundreds of its members defeated the Israeli army and liberated most of that strip, the Israelis maintain few sites in the Syria - Lebanon - Palestine border corner, the resistance in Lebanon continues. Hezb Allah chief constantly reminds in his speeches that the liberation was with the help of Syria and the Syrian army, in addition to the help from Iran.

I don’t think the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May 2000 was a victory, Ehud Barack, the former Israeli Prime Minister and former minister of defense declared it as a defeat.

In July 2006, Israeli carried out an unprecedented carpet bombing of the Lebanese infrastructure, this time the US help along with the Saudis was public, they also had the Lebanese Prime Minister with them, yet after 34 days, it was the Israelis who begged to stop the war at all costs and asked for Qatar’s help. I don’t think that was also an Israeli victory, and again in this war, the chief of Hezb Allah stated several times that they received their weapons and support from the Syrian Arab Army, and his party that time was only a couple of thousands of soldiers: 2500 - 3000, those defeated Israel.

From March 2011 through today, most of the world contributed to the US-led war of terror against Syria, the Syrian Army killed between 180,000 - 225,000 heavily armed mostly foreign suicide bombers all over the country, these terrorists didn’t fall from the skies with their weapons, they received the maximum support from all of NATO members and from Israel itself. Guess who now controls most of Syria and can take back the rest with high chances of starting World War III? I believe if Israel was subject to 1% of what Syria was subject to during these past 10 years it would have collapsed within the first couple of months and the expelled Jews will swim back to their home countries.

The latest of Israel’s defeats was in the massive bombing campaign of Gaza, the besieged, impoverished, tiny overcrowded strip, for 11 days Israel bombed everything it could to only get bombed back by the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza in most of its major cities, Israel was the one to literally beg for a ceasefire that later cost Netanyahu his prime minister post. That doesn’t look like a victory to me, does it look like that to you?

As I said, fantasizing about wars 5 and more decades ago is fine, but try to come to reality as soon as you can.

Read this of yesterday: Israel Bombs Southern Lebanon Gets Bombed by Hezb Allah, and Stunned.

And this from the Israel war on Gaza how we could easily see the Israeli defeat before it was publicly declared where dreamers couldn’t and wouldn’t: The War on Gaza Will Be Over within 48 Hours, Israel Lost this Battle.

Come to 2021 and rephrase the question: In case of a full war between Israel and Syria, how far will Hezb Allah push into the occupied Palestine territories before they overstretch their supply line? Let alone Syria.

End of my answer on Quora.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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