Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Syria Continue Rebuilding Despite the US-led War of Terrorism: Aleppo Thermal Power Plant

Prior to the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against Syria ten years ago, the country was self-sufficient in generating electric power from different sources mainly from hydroelectric from the river dams and thermal power plants, electric power reached the last remote village in the country and excess were exported to neighboring countries especially Lebanon.

Syria Rebuilding: Aleppo Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Progress

One of the main targets of the USA, European Union, Qatar, Israel, and the Saudis in exporting their surplus of democracies and human rights was to destroy Syria's infrastructure and the electric power is one main pillar of the infrastructure of any economy, see what happened to the Texas power shortage as an act of Karma to realize the importance of electric power and multiply that by nation-wide.

US-sponsored 'freedom fighters' aka 'moderate rebels' aka 'Free Syrian Army' aka 'Nusra Front' aka HTS aka Al Qaeda Levant, in case some still do not know, attacked every power station in the country they could reach, stole its transmission systems, cables, and other equipment and smuggled them to NATO member state Turkey where the family business of its leader Erdogan was selling these stolen goods for cheap, and the terrorist blew up what they couldn't steal.

Aleppo's main thermal power station was no exception. This short video report shows the progress on the rehabilitating of the Aleppo Thermal Power Station and how the workers are working 24/7 in the very hot summer days and nights to resume the production of electric power from this station.

More in this report: Syria Rebuilding: Aleppo Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Progress - video included.

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